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Ouranos Selects Shure MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone to Upgrade its Multipurpose Conference Room

December, 2017

The Ouranos Consortium has an ever-growing network of international alliances that requires constant contact. The Consortium’s multipurpose conference room is the hub to maintaining these communications, however its technology was slowly becoming obsolete, particularly in terms of audio quality.

Mr. Yves Renaud, Director of Administration at Ouranos, carefully considered the many challenges posed by the modernization of this conference room. “In our opinion, since our room’s visual support had to meet particularly high standards, the audio quality also had to exceed expectations. Ouranos is connected to the entire world and, under these circumstances, we needed to create a room perfectly suited to today’s requirements.”

Mr. Pascal Lalonde, Account Manager at XYZ Technologie Culturelle, suggested the use of a Shure MXA910 ceiling microphone for optimal audio configuration. “First, the MXA910 can be mounted in the ceiling, out of the user’s range and view. Thanks to its flat form factor, the MXA910 can substitute a standard ceiling tile, which renders it very discreet; it can even be painted to match the room’s decor. It is clearly the category leader, with competitor products often being more expensive and technically less efficient,” explains Lalonde.

As a result, the product’s superior technical qualities made this high-end audio environment a reality, while fully meeting Ouranos’ requirements. “The MXA910 has a high dust resistance – thanks to the IP5X – an internal mechanical isolation, as well as a proven firewall system (Fire Wrap). In addition, this product has been specifically designed for installation in multipurpose conference rooms, thus easily integrating with any audio management system. What’s more, the Steerable Coverage Technology software is pleasant to use and user-friendly,” adds Mr. Lalonde. The 8 built-in steerable lobes also provide a multitude of configurations for different meeting applications.

Since the product had to meet certain customer requirements – in addition to installing quickly with minimal constraints – the product’s ability to adapt to the different configurations of the new conference room was of paramount importance. Renaud confirms it once more. “We are fully satisfied with the MXA910. This product allows us to configure our modernized room as we see fit, in addition to creating outstanding professional audio recordings.”

Customer Profile:

Ouranos, the Consortium on Regional Climatology and Adaptation to Climate Change, is an organization that develops collaborative projects involving a network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers from a variety of disciplines and international organizations.


With four possible room configurations, the pickup and audio quality had to be consistent and of the highest quality, in order for the messages conveyed during these meetings to be well understood by all participants, whether local or international.

Quantity Model Number Description
1 MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone

The integrator, XYZ Technologie Culturelle, suggested the use of the MXA910 Ceiling Array microphone: a solution that meets the customer’s needs and offers extraordinary technical performance at a competitive price.


The installation maintains consistent audio quality despite the conference room’s various configurations and offers many opportunities for impeccable audio pickup. In addition, the system is equipped with management and configuration software that is extremely user-friendly.


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