Facilitate the democratic process reliably and securely with Shure’s Microflex® Complete Wireless Digital Conference Systems. These multi-role systems offer best-in-class audio and flexible functionality that make them optimal for any in-person, hybrid, or remote meeting.

These solutions offer you:

Secure, flexible audio that’s superior

  • Safeguarded meeting content thanks to AES-128 wireless encryption and Shure Network Audio Encryption (AES-256).

  • Routing options to accommodate simultaneous interpretation, channel distribution, assisted listening, and more.
  • Natural, intelligible sound with proprietary Shure audio codec.
  • Consistent speech levels for every talker using Automatic Gain Control.
  • Robust RF noise immunity thanks to CommShield technology.

Easy setup and operation

  • Wireless flexibility to easily conduct compliant meetings outside local council offices.
  • Embedded browser-based interface for operation control by chairman or technician.
  • Ready for long meetings: lithium-ion rechargeable battery lasts over 11 hours, recharges in under 4 hours.
  • Maximize available spectrum by using global 2.4/5 GHz spectrum including DFS channels.
  • Ensure proper democratic process and procedures through meeting management tools, including onboard voting (anonymous options available).

Discover how Shure can help local governments navigate remote working and social distancing.

Legislative requirements and organizational practices demanding that government employees should be in the office had to quickly change at the outbreak of COVID-19. Council and committee meetings are vital to the democratic process of local government, so guidelines, policies and new procedures were quickly issued for the running of remote meetings.

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Shure audio products are distributed in Canada by SFM.