Every Shure product comes with a Limited Warranty that in normal use the product will be free of any defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one or two years from its original date of purchase which is indicated on the purchase receipt. However, this is not intended as a complete statement of the actual Limited Warranty applicable to any product.

The Limited Warranty includes other important terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions. For the actual Limited Warranty applicable to any product, please refer to the warranty card issued by Shure and packaged with the product.*

* Shure Limited Warranty does not apply to Shure software products – please see the associated software license agreement for any warranty applicable to such products. Shure Limited Warranty does not apply to customized Shure products – please see the relevant custom product webpage(s) for any warranty applicable to such custom products. Shure Limited Warranty covers only Shure-branded products – for third party products distributed by Shure, please contact the manufacturer of such product for warranty information.

To guarantee your warranty, all you need to do is keep your purchase receipt from an authorized Shure retailer.

Your product is NOT covered under the manufacturer’s warranty if:

  1. Your Shure products were purchased from an unauthorized retailer.
  2. Your Shure products were purchased from Ebay or similar unauthorized online vendors.
  3. You do not have an original proof-of-purchase for your defective products.
  4. You have surpassed the two-year warranty period in which your products are covered.


Service for Shure products in Canada is handled by SFM, the authorized Canadian distributor of Shure products.

While under a valid warranty period, products that are defective due to a manufacturing fault (purchased domestically) may be returned to SFM with prior authorization for service.

Out of warranty items may be returned for a fee, please contact SFM for an estimate or for more information via email or phone.

To request service, please choose one of the following options below:

Replacement Parts

Most replacement parts for Shure products in Canada are available through SFM.
For information on purchasing these items, please contact SFM directly at 1-800-363-8855 ext. 2225 or contact us.

Repairs in Canada

325 Bouchard Boulevard
Dorval, Quebec H9S 1A9
+1 800-363-8855 / +1 514-780-2070
SFM’s service policy

Before Returning Your Earphones…

If you are losing sound in one or both of your earphones, the issue may be that the earphones need to be cleaned rather than repaired.

Try cleaning them using the provided cleaning tool as described in How To Use the Earphone Cleaning Tool.

If you are uncertain which Shure earphone model you own, please consult the Earphone Model Identification photo guide.