Microphone Based Camera Control

Whether it’s a conference call, a city council meeting, or a university lecture, providing a high-quality AV experience is essential. Shure networked microphones provide your camera system with the most accurate talker location data for more personal interaction between participants.


Advanced Camera Tracking for Every Situation

AV Conferencing

Remote meeting participants often prefer to see the individual talking instead of just an overview of the entire area.

The MXA920 ceiling array mic can help your camera control system focus on the person speaking to make meetings more engaging.

Councils & Panels

Audience members in the room or watching a live stream need to feel like they’re part of the discussion.

Shure audio solutions provide reliable information so your camera control system can always show the talker for more professional-looking streaming and recording.

Higher Education

Whether recording a seminar or presenting a class in a large auditorium, roving lecturers and students with questions need to be seen and heard for interactive discussions.

With the MXA920 ceiling array microphone, your camera control system can seamlessly switch between the instructor and students for more effective learning.

Camera Tracking with the MXA920

The MXA920 provides the precise location of every talker – even when multiple people talk at once. This can allow some camera systems to frame closeup shots of individual talkers, alternate between multiple talkers, or display a wide-angle view of the room.

Accurate talker position data maximizes the performance of any type of camera system, whether it uses presets or live talker tracking.