Convenient Accessory Provides Cost-Effective Solution with Flexible Configurations

CHICAGO, August 18, 2021— “Sorry, was trying to find the mute button” is a phrase heard all too often in meetings when users are unsure if the mute button is on the screen or microphone. To help resolve this persistent frustration, Shure is introducing its Microflex® A400MB, a touch-sensitive Mute Button accessory that adds convenient audio mute functionality to the Microflex MX395-LED low-profile boundary microphones and MX405, MX410, and MX415 modular gooseneck microphones. This new accessory from Shure guarantees meeting participants confident control over audio muting—with easy and intuitive operation.

A400MB Mute Button (below) installed with a Microflex MX405 Microphone (above)

The A400MB installs like a washer between the microphone body and the table or lectern surface, hiding the circuitry underneath the surface. The mute function is easily programmed with onboard switches to provide complete flexibility and can be configured as momentary (push-to-talk or push-to-mute) or toggled (push-on, push-off). The A400MB Mute Button includes local mode as well as remote mode, making it easier for users to focus on what they care about most.

“With the rapid adoption of collaboration technologies in a wide variety of environments, the A400MB adds convenient, cost-effective local and remote mute functionality without the hassle,” comments Doug Daube, Category Director, Microphone Systems at Shure.

The new A400MB Mute Button can be easily customized to address a variety of room types and configurations. If A400MB mute buttons are installed with multiple microphones on a table, pushing any mute button can mute all the mics simultaneously, and all microphone LEDs can also change color to show that the outgoing audio has been muted.

When used with Shure ANI4IN-BLOCK or ANI22-BLOCK audio network interfaces and the IntelliMix® P300 audio conferencing processor, the mute and LED behavior is synchronized to simultaneously mute them with Microsoft Teams and Zoom videoconferencing platforms. This means the user’s mute status is instantly visible to all meeting participants, whether in the same room or joining from thousands of miles away.

A400MB Mute Button paired with Microflex MX395W Microphone

The A400MB Mute Button accessory adds attractive and convenient muting capability to Microflex low-profile boundary and modular gooseneck microphones. It can be included with new projects or added to existing installations. For more information, click here.