The Shure SE846 Sound Isolating™  Earphones have long set the standard for high-performance audio in the professional music industry and among audiophiles. Ten years after the launch of the highly regarded original, Shure today debuts the second generation of the celebrated earphones, featuring two new colors, a new selectable sound signature, an expanded sleeve assortment, and updated packaging.

The SE846 Gen 2 introduces two new metallic colors, Jade and Graphite, along with an updated Clear model. The bold two-tone design of the Graphite and Jade versions presents a color on the exterior shell while showcasing the precision engineered components through a clear inside casing.

The earphones contain the same universal sound isolating design and four precision-engineered drivers of the previous generation, tailored to blend precisely with each other and deliver extended high-end clarity. The ground-breaking low-pass filter design delivers the performance of a true subwoofer without sacrificing a solitary detail.

The SE846 Gen 2’s new extended sound signature directly addresses customer requests, improving high-frequency extension, with a more targeted contour in the frequency response (4kHz – 12kHz) that increases imaging clarity and adds a desirable “airy” quality to the audio. The Extended filter will ship as the default configuration of the SE846 Gen 2 along with Balanced, Warm, and Bright filter options, enabling powerful sound signature personalization.

The SE846 remains equipped with a detachable cable that enables listeners to convert to wireless with Shure True Wireless Adapters or integrate other wired accessory options. An expanded assortment of sleeve options, including Comply™ foam, provides a perfect fit. Meanwhile, the ability to customize your audio experience from a selection of unique sound signatures enables an extra level of personalization.

“The unparalleled audio of the SE846 is based on decades of dedication. It’s why musicians and audiophiles trust Shure technology year after year,” said Sean Sullivan, Associate Director of Wired Products, at Shure. “This new model provides even the most discerning listeners with nuanced control of their audio experience with the addition of the new, fourth sound signature. Paired with four high-def drivers and Shure sound isolating technology, these earphones offer an advanced level of listening.”

The SE846 Gen 2 Sound Isolating Earphones come in three colors (Clear, Jade, and Graphite) and can be found at Canadian Shure retailers for $1,169.00 (CAD).