When we set out to develop the Stem ecosystem, we began by asking thousands of end users, IT professionals, AV integrators, architects, and consultants what they wanted from their conference room audio devices. When we analyzed the data, we saw that there was a significant desire for a dedicated controller and a platform that would allow anyone to manage and monitor their devices. From there, Stem Control was born.

Since we’ve started shipping, we know many people want to know more about what Stem Control is, when you need it, and why they want it in their meeting rooms. So, let’s take some time to dive in and answer those questions…and a few more!

What is Control?

Stem Control is one of our optional support devices in the Stem ecosystem. It is a dedicated touch controller that connects to your network with a single Ethernet connection.

What can I do on Control?

  • Set up rooms
  • Manage all the rooms and devices in your organization
  • Video conferencing
  • SIP conferencing
  • Design new rooms
  • Optimize devices with RoomAdapt
  • Verify a successful install with RoomCheck
  • Diagnose issues and eliminate troubleshooting

When do you need Control?

Control is optional. It provides you with full access to the ecosystem platform so you can set-up, monitor, and manage your rooms and devices in addition to using it for your one-touch video conferencing meetings.

Do I have to use Control to set up my rooms?

No, you don’t have to but you will need to access the ecosystem platform another way to finish setting up your rooms. Your other options are Android, iOS, Windows, or HTML.

More about the other ways to access the Stem ecosystem platform without Stem Control:
You can access the Stem platform a few different ways if you don’t want to go through Control. You can download the Stem Control app in the app store for Android and iOS for an iPad or a tablet, or you can go through any web interface by logging into the IP address of a device. However, you will need to be on the same network (and/or VLAN) as the device you are attempting to login to.

How does Control integrate with Zoom?

Stem Control allows you to toggle back and forth between the Stem platform and Zoom app. So end users have the flexibility to easily go back and forth between the Stem platform for SIP conferencing and Zoom for video conferencing.

Can you adjust the audio levels in Zoom through Control?

Yes! Volume levels can be controlled from the Zoom app which is hosted on top of Control’s ecosystem platform.

Can I increase/decrease the volume of the devices directly from the control?

If you are on the Zoom app, yes. If you are using another platform or SIP conferencing volume adjustments will have to be made on the individual devices in the room.

Can you launch Teams from Control?

As of right now we are diligently working towards fully integrating Teams into the Stem Control app. But don’t worry, Stem is still Teams compatible.
Here’s how:

  • Single Stem device – A direct connection between the Stem device and PC running Teams.
  • Multiple Stem devices – When using more than one device, the Hub will centralize communication between all Stem products in the room. A direct USB connection between the Hub and PC running Teams.

Can you access calendar functions for video conferencing platforms directly from the Stem Control?

No, you will not be able to access and/or control calendar functions for video conferencing platforms from the Stem Control. Calendar functionality will come directly from the video conferencing platform in use.

Can Stem devices connect to phone systems for SIP conferencing? How do you dial?

Absolutely. You can SIP-enable an individual device or a room via the Hub as long as your SIP provider allows basic 3rd party SIP devices. You can dial SIP calls directly on Control or the ecosystem platform which is available in the app store for Android, iOS, and through the HTML version.

How do you update firmware on Control and other Stem devices?

When an update is available, we will send out a remote update to all devices. The devices will then search the network for any available updates and automatically update themselves.

Are there any type of 3rd party (Crestron) control capabilities for VoIP dialing or mic controls?

There is currently not an available API for third-party control.

Hopefully we answered all any questions you may have had about Stem Control. If there’s one we may have missed feel free to reach out and our customer success team is always standing by to answer any additional questions you may have.

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